Please provide the exact position for the Geodnet Miner so we can check the location

We cannot guarantee you a miner, but we will do our best to make it possible

Please check the map of GEODNET before entering if the hex is still free.

We only check locations in which no device in a hex is online. All others must be rejected

We are currently unable to serve the following countries with our program: Russia, Turkey.
Or those that have special restrictions on web3 projects

The user must check for himself whether "Location Hosting" is subject to any restrictions in his country and whether this is not legally possible.
The host must be able to guarantee that the station is online for a maximum of 7 days after receipt.
If the station is not installed within this period, rewards will be deducted for delayed days (also the referral).
Unfortunately, this has to be mentioned, as some hosts do not adhere to the rules
Personal information
Complete address at which the GEODNET Miner can be sent
Exact coordinates of the miner position
Technical details
Payment details
Payments to the wallet are made automatically and daily by GEODNET
However, 40 GEOD tokens must be accumulated for these to be transferred automatically by the system.
You will see the transfer on your specified wallet
Only a host who is already actively participating in the Location Hosting Program and has a station online can recommend a new host and benefit from it

(you cannot recommend yourself either).