Location hosting

To get a miner from us, you give us the data on the planned location in advance, and we check whether it makes sense to set it up there and whether your request is accepted.

Afterward, you will receive a HYFIX MobileCM Triple Band Base Station from us and commit to setting it up and supplying it with internet and electricity.

We take care of the rest.

Option 1: A fixed annual fee of $ will be paid after commissioning and verifying the data.
Option 2: 25% of the GEOD Token earnings of the miner, which we get from the GEODNET network, will be forwarded directly to your wallet.

The contract is concluded for a minimum term of 2 years but can be shortened for good cause (e.g. relocation). After expiry, it is extended indefinitely and can be terminated at any time with one month’s notice.

The delivery time is 14 days. Shipping is free of charge. (the delivery time depends on the availability of the devices)

You can find additional information in the general terms and conditions.


Using new GNSS Triple Band Base stations and their GNSS data, GEODNET enables crypto mining and brings GNSS to the Web3.

The real-time data of the GEODNET base stations is shared with the network, and the operator of the stations is paid for this with their own cryptocurrency, GEOD or by $.

The amount of revenue depends on several factors:
For the base station to achieve an optimal yield, it must connect to satellites. The antenna must be placed freely perpendicular to the sky; the more accessible the environment, the better the results. The second relevant factor is how the antenna is positioned at the site. The antenna must be placed freely on the roof.

Device description

MobileCM is a ready-to-use GNSS base station that acts as an RTK base station and collects GNSS.

  • HYFIX Geodnet Triple Band Base Station
  • WiFi antenna
  • GNSS roof antenna
  • 9m antenna cable
  • USB-C power cable
  • Mounting mast (0.3m) and brackets included in
  • Included in delivery

  • Register location

    Make a request and we will analyze your location

  • Choose which compensation you prefer

  • Set up the hardware

    We will send you the perfect hardware setup for your location free of charge

  • Earn profit

    We manage the hardware and pay you the revenue

  • Refer a friend

    Refer friends and earn extra on every location you refer