In general, the Terms of Products & Services also apply to these Subscriptions without any

Special conditions for owners, here called “User”, of GEODNET GNSS Base Stations or also called
“Miner”, which are remunerated with GEOD Tokens:

The following regulation has been signed between GeoDAO PVT hereinafter referred to as
“GEODNET” and GmbH, which offers various correction service products under
the product name EasyNav-RTK by mutual agreement and has full legal force:

A user of a GEODNET GNSS Base Station with token payment who buys the Monthly Single Base
Subscription is subject to the following regulations:

As soon as the “User” has purchased the Subscription – Monthly Single Base, it is active, and he has
received his NRTIP access (username + password), EasyNav-RTK together with GEODNET will
activate a Smart-Contract which splits the tokens directly at the daily payment.

The user will continue to receive 50% of his rewards on his console account as long as the
subscription is active.

If the subscription ends, the Smart Contract will be terminated, and the user will receive the full reward
(100%) of the GEOD tokens in his console account.

For Users who purchase a Subscription – Monthly Base several times within a calendar year and
terminate it again thereafter, reserves the right to charge a fee for the creation of
the Smart Contract for the splitting of the Tokens, in each case, and to invoice this separately to the

Customers who do not own a GNSS Base Station from GEODNET and have been assigned a Minersn
by to purchase the Monthly Single Base Subscription do not have any rights to
the station.

This also applies to customers participating in the “Location Hosting” program.

The customer only has the right to use the data for the nearest GEODNET Base Station assigned to
him by GmbH for his subscription.

The ownership and the token compensation of the assigned base station is and remain with the
respective station owner (user).

Special conditions Subscription Data – File:

The above terms and conditions also apply in full to Subscription – Data File and have the same
provisions as Subscription – Monthly Single Base.

The RTCM/RINEX Data Files are not Real-Time and are delayed.
There is no right to Real-Time RTCM/RINEX Data Files.

For users and customers requesting or requiring RTCM/RINEX data files from different GNSS Base
Stations within one month, must first check with GEODNET, and in case of a
positive decision, the request can be granted against a surcharge, which will be additionally charged
to the user.

These conditions were created by in October 2023